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This is what happens after a world ends.
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 The Infernal Isles

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PostSubject: The Infernal Isles   Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:13 am

The Infernal Isles:

Avernus ruled by Lord Graz'zt Mostly destroyed the volcano of Pandemonium. Capitol: The Bronze Citadel.

Dis ruled by Emperor Orcus (ruling on behalf of The Sultan of the Efreet) Capitol: City of Brass.

Minauros ruled by Lady Hecate The wealthy city of Jangling Hiter, the city of chains, floats above this toxic swamp of an island. Capitol: Jangling Hiter.

Phlegethos ruled by Lord Jubilex Island of volcanic swamps, home to slime-like demons. Capitol: Abriymoch.

Stygia ruled by Lady Levistus Burning deserts, chilly swamps, factories and prisons. Capitol: Tantin.

Malbolge ruled by Lord Demogorgon A rocky slope of black stone, surrounding a dark, inscrutable jungle. Capitol: Abysm (aka Gaping Maw).

Maladomini ruled by Lord Baalzebul Mostly in ruins. Nearly devasted by the legion of Orcus in putting down Baalzebul's rebellion during the Interregnum. Capitol: Malagard.

Cania ruled by Lord Mephistopheles Frozen within this icy island are lost cities and entire armies. Capitol: Mephistar.

Nessus ruled by Lady Glasya A place of soaring chasms and bottomless pits. Capitol: Malsheem.
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The Infernal Isles
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