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This is what happens after a world ends.
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PostSubject: Magistrates   Wed Jan 14, 2009 12:13 pm

(Unless otherwise noted, the following are human beings.)

Lord Thomas Winterborn is an Eladrin nobleman who follows the Fae legal system, which is either insanely complicated or entirely random. Those who come before him are questioned closely on such arcane as their birthday, their favorite color, whether or not they were wearing a hat at the time of the incident in question, and if so precisely how wide its brim was.... His Bailiffs are also Eladrin, and rumored to be his brothers. They wear full helmets, entirely devoid of features, which give them a very ominous appearance. No few of them are warlocks.

Stefan Petard is a former Naval Artilleryman 1st Class, a rank which is entirely literal in the Port's Navy. A wizard of some power, he was made a magistrate after he did a favor of some sort for the Governor. The details of this have never been revealed, and likely
never will be. Petard has turned out to be a surprisingly reasonable Magistrate – he bases most of his rulings on a simplified form of Old Imperium Goetia law -- saving perhaps his habit of personally executing --in a very explosive manner-- anyone that he condemns to death. His bailiffs are, like himself, veterans of naval service. Their only uniform is a red and black strip of cloth worn on their right arm, intricately knotted.

Henry Scatter was born into a wealthy family, which promptly disowned him after an ill-fated fishing trip on the Aster left him twisted into the shape of a goblin. How exactly he became a Magistrate is a hotly debated mystery, but it's generally assumed that blackmail of some sort was involved. Scatter makes no pretense at objectivity; any case that involves a goblin will be declared in his favor, no matter what the actual circumstances. His bailiffs are mostly Bugbears, with a handful of ogres, and it's not unknown for them to beat people nearly to death for failing to give them the proper respect. It's widely considered unlikely that Scatter will survive much longer, as he's already been the subject of several assassination attempts.

Lord Bartholomew Choke sometimes prefers to be called Dr. Choke, or Lord Doctor Choke, as he is the port’s self-appointed Minister of Health. He rarely makes his preferences known, however, and his temper is on the short side of mercurial. The good doctor is, barely, a man; just shy of 8ft tall and more than 500 lbs. Rumor has it he afflicted himself with gigantism during an experiment trial of curative elixirs in which he was the sole test subject. It is said he must regularly endure a ghastly kind of 'pruning' to keep himself even remotely man-sized. It's also said that as his body grows larger, his conscience and his ability to feel for the smaller creatures grows proportionally less.

Lord Myles Lively and Lady Lively are a rarity; a pair of married Magistrates. Lord Lively is a famous bon vivant and Lady Lively is known for her charitable activities. He is often described as having a ‘delicate cast to his face’ and she as ‘having large hands’. They are never seen together at the same time and it’s entirely likely that they are the same person. Lord Lively is also reputed to be the head of the port’s number one pleasure syndicate, the so-called Guild of Revelry.

Lord Dandy is rather unusual for an Elf; he is far from flighty, he disdains wine and song, in fact, he seems altogether unnerved by, even frightened of, the pleasures of the flesh. While he does have impeccable style and the appearance of a fop, he is better known as the port’s foremost authority on botany (his love of flora is perhaps the only truly Elven trait), and for his seven, beautiful, unmarried daughters. Despite his daughters, Lord Dandy is long-rumored to be asexual. Of his wife little is known, or even said. Dandy claims to have met her on a botanical expedition into the Interior, though none on the trip recall his leaving the Interior with the bride-to-be. Just wagon and wagon of floral samples, some quite massive.
According to Lord Dandy his wife is his ‘unique flower’, and, as he puts it, ‘an all-consuming woman’. Supposedly she never leaves his manse, spending most of her time in its enormous glass hothouse. However, his daughters are often about town. By name they are; Dahlia, Iris, Violet, Lily, Primrose, Hyacinth, and Larkspur. They are highly sought after, being pretty and always intoxicatingly scented, thought their eyes are disconcertingly empty. None have married, though they've gone through quite a number of suitors each. Apparently the experience is so heart-breaking the men leave the port immediately after and are never heard from again.
There exists a certain rivalry between Lords Lively and Dandy.

Tom Hollow is a half-elf. He’s gregarious and informal; he’s prefers to go by his first name, even during official business. People say of Tom what they say of all his kind; that there’s a hollow space in his chest where half of a man and half of an elf should go. That he’s doomed to spend his whole life wanting.

Billy Twist is the same as he was; a big black man who likes to be carried around on a surprisingly tasteful divan. Both former slave and slaver in the Snake States, he’s now a man of the people. His bailiffs favor green robes, and prefer to keep their faces hidden.

The Lord Moribund is a title given to the Magistrate whose sole jurisdiction is the Hereafter, though ‘sole’ in this case is misleading as it actually extends beyond the mortal world to the Other Side.

Sebastian Androgore is a Tiefling Magistrate. A romantic at heart, he nominally follows Old Goetic law but is far more likely to suggest that serious disputes be solved via a duel. To the death, ideally, but first or second blood is also, occasionally, permissible. Androgore sponsors occasional tourneys, allowing skilled fighters to compete against each other and win a place as one of his golden-cloaked bailiffs.

Balthazar Lux is a Dragonborn Magistrate, of advanced years and bitter heart. He has little tolerance for what he calls "trifles of law", which includes anything that he's encountered previously. He is generally curt and dismissive, making his decisions based on the volumous laws of the long-fallen Magna Publica Machina. Lux often orders his sentences (those that do not include execution) to be enforced by the ancient Engines of Justice -- a clockwork collar that the guilty party must wear, which will tighten and choke him if he attempts to shirk his responsibilities. Lux's bailiffs are made up largely of those he has sentenced to service, supervised by trusted members of his own people.
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