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This is what happens after a world ends.
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 A few names, a few faces.

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PostSubject: A few names, a few faces.   Wed Sep 17, 2008 6:15 pm

Some individuals of some import in the Stagger, of whom all of you would know....

Lord Bum is the port's "King of Beggars". He lives, when he can afford to, at a dockside flophouse in the Stagger called Bumcastle, in honor of him. He dresses in a mocking patchwork of "castoff" finery that suggests both a quick wit and more than a passing acquaintance with the criminal underworld. It's said he almost has as many eyes and ears on the streets as the Governor. When asked his full name he usually gives it as "Arsely Bottom", or "Arsely Keister-Bottom". His "court" of homeless men and women can usually found meeting, or at least sleeping one off, on the benches of a park near the flophouse. They are known as the Unseemly Court.

David Ben-Benjamin is a fisherman, whose Woefully Adequate rarely strays far from the Port. David has witnessed far too many shipwrecks over the years; if a ship gets consumed by a sea-serpent, founders upon a hidden reef, or gets taken by pirates within sight of the Port...chances are that the Woefully Adequate and her small crew will be there to see it. Sailors despise David, seeing him as the worst kind of bad luck, but he's pulled too many of them from the sea over the years to suffer more than glares or the occasional spittle. Even so, he avoids the docks at night.

Gideon Fix is the cheerfully corrupt Chief Harbormaster of the Staggersdistrict. He accepts any and all bribes, abuses his authority without even a moment's hesitation, and will gleefully spit in the eye of anyone who challenges his actions. Captains from across the Middling Lands and beyond are united by their loathing for Fix, but even they will acknowledge that there are damned few men who could keep the docks working as smoothly as he does. Fix's sole virtue (or weakness, depending upon your point of view) is his fondness for cats; he has founded a feline sanctuary in the Stagger which keeps hundreds of the little beasts in unreasonable comfort.

He looks like a dwarf, splendidly and richly dressed in a scarlet greatcoat, sporting the head of an enormous rat. But "Handsome" Hans Pitir is a small time thug who has given himself the grandiose title of "The Rat King". He controls a few blocks near the waterfront, and makes a living through robbery and extortion. A wererat, he uses a small army of rodents to terrorize and assault his prey, although he is himself a dangerous foe. He's undoubtedly doomed; sooner or later he'll manage to annoy one of the more powerful gangs who plague the Stagger, and wake up to find himself afire. Until that day, his territory is probably best avoided.

The Deacon of Crook Street is the crime boss who runs the Stagger. He's in love with the adventuress Ingénue Santos and wants her for his bride. People assume this is so he can use her airship for piracy, particularly to rob the Gog-Magog Line, though this may not be the case. The Deacon gets his sobriquet from his stewarship of something called the Stolen God, rumored to be stashed in a basement somewhere in the Stagger or lashed to a barge hidden off the coast.

The Man In Rags and Tatters is the not-very-secret master of the Stagger. No one knows what he is, but every single purveyor of vice in the district pays the Man his cut -- including, quietly, the Deacon. Those who don't swiftly come to a brutal and gratuitously fatal end, their corpses found scattered across several blocks. None of the Man's victims have ever been seen on the Other Side; the implications of this are disturbing, to say the least. It's persistently rumored that the Man is some kind of minor god -- if this is so, he seems to have no interest in accumulating worshippers. Only money, which is placed into leather sacks and left on rooftops. None who have seen him have lived to tell the tale; exactly how he was dubbed the Man In Rags and Tatters is another of the Port's many mysteries.

More to come, no doubt....
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A few names, a few faces.
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