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This is what happens after a world ends.
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 The Melek is dead...

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PostSubject: The Melek is dead...   Fri May 29, 2015 4:19 pm

... long live the Porcophant!

You leave the arena where Xiobarda was defeated in partially-single combat and Melek misplaced his mortal coil. Paetros can walk, but his exposed skin is covered with bruises and cuts. Still a healthy-for-him ashen gray, though. There's no sign of your guide Hennessy the Elf; gone looking for a taste of the "short n' dirty" in safer pastures, no doubt.

"Am now being very grateful for rescue! Fate not looking too good if I was for pit-fighting. These scratchings all from practice. Made me fights cats! In great numbers with sharp claws. Roasted many! Gloriously! Also a few goblin children with knives. Am sorry for, Pogsley. Blame is degenerate Githyanki woman's, not mine." He falls silent.

The winding alleys in the heart of the heart of depravity that is the Ethical Circus are quiet and dark. Oils of questionable provenance gutter in the street lamps, shedding more fire risk than light. Here is mostly shadow, canvass, wood. In places stacked bodies draw night flies while waiting patiently for Mr. Kloot's boys, undead liverymen in jaunty caps, to take them to their final rest in what remains of their stomachs.

You carry your dead with you. Melek's burden is light. Probably from the premature desiccation that results from exposure to necromancy.

"Be not worried!" Paetros says with a start. "Is not yet time for anointing Melek with flammable oils and stuffing orifices with fireworks. Can bring back from dead. After good nights sleep, prayer, a goblet or two of nice claret, and meal of many pork buns. In that order. Except claret first."

His exhausting speech mannerisms send him once again into the clutch of Harpocrates. A quick glance behind show Xiobarda is good to her word; no one pursues. At least no one behind you.

Now what?

Treasure from last session:

  • Paetros - 9th level Githzerai cleric
  • Two-handed Githyanki Silver Sword - currently +2, on crit turns target into 1 HP ghost, at least when you're in the Middling Lands

Special Rewards:

Pogsley: "I can see dead people" - can always see ghosts, 3/day cast Detect Evil/Good (undead only). From getting his silver cord cut & retied.

Melek: "Death... is inspirational!" - automatic Inspiration once per session. From professional insights gleaned during his trip to the Other Side.

Lizzy: actually, you just get a Gith sword and a knock-off One Ring of Power with a monster inside.
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The Melek is dead...
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