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 AD&D - Current XP, Items, and Such - Update 10/10/2012

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PostSubject: AD&D - Current XP, Items, and Such - Update 10/10/2012   Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:01 pm

Party XP: - 30,081.

Father Benignus is now 6th level. He can roll for HP immediately.

Detective Pogsley(anna) is still 6th level, Nameless is still 5th level, and Web'r is still 5th level.

New magic items -not yet identified:

bracers and ring (from Yloom Paz, Snake Empire slaver/magician - worn by Nameless the 3rd)
small grey stone (from Mooly Zap, Yloom's fighter sister)
19 arrows (from Pengaz the Lesser)
long sword (from Kelzie)
dagger (from Pot-sticker)
cloak (from the Rat King - made her impossible to hit on the first attack)
Gale-Singer (the Rat-King's Imperium Goetica-forged long sword).

New snazzy items that don't detect as magical:

black metal mesh dress (from the Rat King)
black drow long sword (also the RK's).

New Friends (the freed slaves):

Janna – a barbarian woman from the Unassailable North. Uninjured and able to fight.
Ghost of Tear – a barely-visible Githyanki female. Willingly to fight, but keeps misplacing her sword in the Ethereal Plane.
“Joe” – a doppleganger disguised as a non-descript Port denizen. Seems healthy enough...

Lars Larsonson – Northerner male. Recovering from old injuries - can fight in a pinch.
Ukko – Northerner male. Slight and pretty - can fight in a pinch.
Zot Gobbins - stout goblin. Rethinking his opposition to fighting.

Freyja – Janna's cousin. Uninjured but psionicly-blasted - currently run off.
Mordecai – Rat King defector, elven fighter/thief. Psionically-blasted - currently run off
Colonel Gall of the Beast Isle Irregulars – a female gnoll soldier (badly injured - stable but comatose).
Ambergris – a pretty Port mulatto and former Live Chess player/victim, with two broken arms.
Puck – a dead child. Janna's nephew -- deserves a proper burial.

Liquid Assets: 200 gp in coins and gems.

Other Valuables: +1 leather armor (from Krelldak the Assassin), +1 buckler (from Krelldak the Assassin), 1 Aster Diamond (from minotaur Port guard), 5 spell scrolls - 2nd (fools gold), 8th (clone), 6th (geas), 8th (mass charm), 3rd Ill (suggestion).

Charged Magic Items:

(Ashura's) Staff of Curing: unknown # of charges remaining - not many.
(Dragonborn) Staff of Striking: 1 charge. Note: the batteries currently in the Walking Chair fit in the Staff.
(Dragonborn) Wand of Paralyzation: 5 charges.

Miscellaneous Exotic Items:

Dragonborn Walking Chair w/telescoping legs (Ivorium)
Mind-Transference Helmet with crank-operated base unit (Ivorium) - broken
Portable De-Volumizer, ie Shrink Ray (Ivorium) - broken
3 Dragonborn batteries made in Suda-Kasaba - currently fitted together and powering the Walking Chair (Ivorium).
Fully-operational Bird Electrocutor (Ivorium).
Torn-up Manual of Fabrication (golems).
A Gem of Crystallized Time (from mysterious floating island w/dinosaurs that washed up on the coast between the Port and Green Bay).


Desdemona Onanant, the Rat King. Pogsley and Father Benignus are under the effect of her Suggestion spell - "deliver me to the Eminent Cathedral for judgment".
Kismet and Pot-sticker , loyal members of the RK's guild (did you accept their surrender?).

To-do list:

Kill the Rat King to avenge Rosemund Dash, collect 5000 gp from her sister Dhalia.
Find a new body for Ivorium, transfer mind out of Father Benignus.
Find a way to remove the jade cat mask from Pogsley's face before he becomes a serial child-killer.
Possibly form new guild with Eleanor the Elf.
Bring any interesting heads you find to Bazalo the the Devil-Smith, for conversion into head-hats. Fee - negotiable.
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AD&D - Current XP, Items, and Such - Update 10/10/2012
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