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 AD&D - Treasure and XP, post session 8

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PostSubject: AD&D - Treasure and XP, post session 8   Wed May 02, 2012 4:59 pm

XP: + 3406 (for the period between beating Gremag the Assassin and cutting the deal w/Eleanor the Elf)

New Treasure:

+2 short sword (Pogsley - taken from Gremag)
+2 re-sizing elven chain (Pogsley - taken from Gremag)

Gem made of "crystalized time" (found on weird floating island w/dinosaurs which ran aground during the "time storm")

+1 leather armor (unclaimed - taken from Krelldak the Assassin)
+1 buckler (unclaimed - taken from Krelldak the Assassin)

600 gp (pocket money from various thieves and assassins)

New Hirelings:

Ozlo Riksdag, Guntar Gundar (formerly Krelldak's guards)
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AD&D - Treasure and XP, post session 8
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