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This is what happens after a world ends.
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 It Takes a Thief, Caveman, Lazy Priest and Wizard

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PostSubject: It Takes a Thief, Caveman, Lazy Priest and Wizard   Tue May 01, 2012 5:44 pm

OOC: let's start with a recap and some clarification.

"Paisley's dead. Apparently she couldn't breathe web. The Rat King's angry about this one."

Eleanor the Elf shifts uncomfortably in the late day sun.

"Kismet broke free on her own. She's pretty butch, for an elf."

The light catches the ornate gold bangles she wears. Specifically, on all of the elven runes carved into them. Benignus can read them, without too much sinful effort: Stand in front of you. Take the force of the blow.

"But Mordecai's still alive. Her people at the Bone cut him free after you left. Chumble Brum -- the wererat she uses as a patsy -- has gone underground. Literally. Disappeared into the sewers. He's not coming back."

Eleanor looks past the two silent Moon's Watch paladins into their gated compound. Clearly, she'd like to off the street. Thieves and daylight go together like cats and the Aster. Except thieves exposed to daylight don't grow six extra heads made entirely of teeth.

"She's still got Potsticker, the two human brothers she doesn't trust, Pengaz and Kelsie, and the addict. They call him The Brain. She swears he isn't some kind of magic user, but I says he *is*".

Both paladins overseeing the meeting keep their steely gazes on Eleanor. They tolerate her, perhaps out of nothing more than sisterhood. Still, they're not letting her anywhere near the vault with the tithes.

"Not bad odds. Needless to say, she'll be without my services. The Rat King will be in her hideout below the Ghetto Terata. There's a back entrance in the alley behind the White Claw Tavern. Follow the tunnels north and you'll find her."

Eleanor pauses. "I'd stay clear of front way in, it's patrolled by a 'neighborhood watch'. Made up of flesh-eating giants."

Leliana grunts at the mention of organized monsters operating openly in the Port. It's not a happy sound.

"And watch out for the slavers down there. She's cut a deal with them, too."

At the word "slavers", Aveline's black-skinned comrade spits suddenly, decapitating a wasp in flight. Her spittle, and the body of the wasp, hit the ground near Eleanor's dainty feet. She must be an escapee from the Snake Empire, known for their practice of slavery and stupendous feats of expectoration. Probably a fighter from the Cobra Pits.

"Or she's in the Ivy Tower. She lives there. 6th floor. Swanky place. Famous neighbors. Dr. Chasm. Inspector Bastet. She'd never take the... rabble she's got left there. It's also called Green Death Tower -- but don't let it scare you, it's rather lovely". Eleanor winks with an ageless elven child's eye.

Before Eleanor slinks away, all traitorous and slight, she adds, "Her real name is Desdemona Onanant. She was once a member of the Unseelie Court. Fucking tourist."

After the meeting, Aveline and her shield-sister invite you inside. Her sister is introduced as Lady Jane Lanyard. She's got a broadsword's affixed to her wrist with a gaudy red lanyard knot. Around her neck is a stylized silken noose, worn like a scarf. "I can abide thieves... just" she says. It might be a greeting, threat, or statement of unvarnished fact.

You'd expect the headquarters of the Order of the Moon's Watch to sit high on a hill at the Port's highest point. With a giant Dragonborn spyglass aimed skyward. Surrounded by gardens well-suited for quite contemplation and bloody practice yards meant for the opposite.

It doesn't. It's right on of docks in Rum-Town, with a fabulous view of sea, and passable view of the depths man can sink to in the throes of intemperance.

Over plain and sanctimonious refreshments, Leliana says, "I think the elf was telling the truth, and she isn't evil. Not that it really matters much with thieves".

Lanyard Jane adds, "But if she keeps company with slavers, she's as good as dead ere next we meet."

"So what now?" says Leliana. "Do you hie to confront the Rat Queen? Or do you have some clever game in mind? And what of Homily? She wants to return to you, Web'r, but I can ensure her safety and education here".

Of course, "safety" is a relative term when used by paladins. Homily might be better at the finishing school you've been hiding out in the Sway of Medallion. Ms. Finisterre's School for the Wayward and Differently-Abled always has room for paying customers.
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PostSubject: Re: It Takes a Thief, Caveman, Lazy Priest and Wizard   Thu May 03, 2012 11:21 am

Mallus wrote:

"So what now?" says Leliana. "Do you hie to confront the Rat Queen? Or do you have some clever game in mind? And what of Homily? She wants to return to you, Web'r, but I can ensure her safety and education here".

"This place is surely better for her," Web'r admits. "But the spirits speak to her; I will not presume to tell her where her destiny lies. Surely she knows better than I."

Having damned the child with that bit of faint praise, Web'r offers a shrug. "Until we have dealt with the rat king, though? Spirits or no, I will not bring her into battle against skin-changers. That is my choice, and if it is the wrong one, so shall it be. But we must kill the Queen, if any of us are ever to breathe easy again."
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It Takes a Thief, Caveman, Lazy Priest and Wizard
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