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This is what happens after a world ends.
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 There Will Be Blood (Loss)

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PostSubject: There Will Be Blood (Loss)   Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:08 pm

When we last left our heroes...

... they were exploring the small rocky island in the middle of the Green Bay. You see here: an abandoned house with an overgrown rooftop garden, a shrine, a workshop, a large statue of a Dragonborn on a stone pedestal,a metal plaque (pedestal), a secret door and stairs going down (in pedestal), a sprung trap (behind plaque), a ring of corpses in various states of decay around the statue, a cloud of angry stirges, .

Web'r is face-down in the lake bleeding to death. On the plus side, the stirges attached to him let go once he hit the water. You have 10 rounds to save him.

Benignus has dragged the unconscious bodies of Pogsley and Nameless to safety in the workshop then shut the door. Pogsley is awake. Nameless is still in a drugged slumber. Benignus also has a few strige wounds.

Your war-dog is outside. Asleep. In the stirge cloud. You needn't worry about spaying/neutering him.

Inside, the workshop is full of all kinds tools, both rusting and rust-free, workbenches, bellows, barrels and containers of various sizes and materials, and a crank-driven apparatus apparently for the electrocution of birds. There are no windows.

So far, you've killed 2 strirges. You counted 9 flying down from the roof/upper floor of the house. They didn't bother you until you sprung the poison gas trap in the plaque on the statue, which filled the air with sweet-smelling (sleeping) gas, which is now dissipating. Benignus thought he say more descending from the roof.

For those keeping track, you've killed a total of 12 stirges in the area since yesterday.

(you also found Ivorium's inoperative "walking machine". You oiled the controls and got them moving, but it's missing it's power source, a "dragon-heart")

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There Will Be Blood (Loss)
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