The Port

This is what happens after a world ends.
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 Detective Pogsley

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PostSubject: Detective Pogsley   Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:15 pm

Detective Pogsley

Jeweler / Detective / Thief
age 16

Con 13
Dex 18
Str 11
Wis 6
Int 7
Cha 14

hp 16
ac 4
level 4
xp 7,681

short sword (1d6), darts (1d3 x3), poison (1 dose type a, 15 damage)

pp 60
ol 57
frt 45
ms 53
hs 50
hn 20
cw 73
rl 15

Collective inventory:

flasks of oil
top hat
mouth flowers
parchment and charcoal
two dryads
geography book
poetry book (one poem about lush bay with lots of detailed descriptions of plants)
valise full of newspapers
four of his darts have ghoul poison on them
1 small dart (-2 to hit) with purple poison
iron knuckles (singrace) Rose's boyfriend Saint Grace hired the Rat King to rob his girlfriend?
large Aster diamond
magic elixir recipes
Rosmimund's underwear
ring of protection (?)
4 bone scroll tubes (feign death, tongues, remove curse)
4 light riding horses
dog with viking hat and frisbee
317 g

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Detective Pogsley
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