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This is what happens after a world ends.
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 AD&D - People

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PostSubject: AD&D - People   Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:48 am

Mrs. Funicular - Pogsley's poisoning-breathing Dragonborn landlady, owner of the boarding house at the top of Decline St. Fond of Pogsley, allows him to milk contact poison from her poison glands.

Emi and Yumi - identical twin miniature dryads, formerly imprisoned in two magical charms --glass cylinders filled with a viscous but transparent fluid-- given to Dahlia and Rose Dash by their father, Randolphus.

Dahlia Dash - a local magician, daughter of Randolphus Dash, currently hiding from the Rat King's men. Hired Pogsley and Sons to look into the well-being of her twin sister Rose (retainer paid so far: 300 gp).

xx - Rosamand Dash - a local magician, daughter of Randolphus, twin sister to Dahlia. Apparently killed in a home invasion by the Rat King's men.

xx - Randolphus Dash - once a powerful magician and deal-maker in the Old Port. According to a newspaper headline, he was "The Man You Can't Refuse". Over the years, he gave up his life as a power broker and became the writer of increasingly obsessive nature poetry.

Crumb the Thief - a member of the Rat King's gang. Skilled at trap-making. Currently charmed by Emi the dryad and "hiding" out in Pogsley's room at the boarding house, which he has trapped extensively.

The Rat King - leader of one of the Port's thieves' guilds.

xx - Mazel (the Tough) - a minotaur sergeant in the Guv's City Watch. Apparently an opportunist and drunk. Drugged and killed by party after trying to shake them down outside Rosamund Dash's mansion. Inexplicably the possessor of a rare, valuable Aster Diamond.

Murmurandamus - Father Bennigdus's superior at the church of the Eroded God. Well-disposed towards the party after a favorable trade of scrolls.

Plurabelle - a statuesque warrior-woman encountered in the village of Maid. She took an interest in Web'r, asking him "What do you fight for?". When he (eventually) answered "learning", she seemed very pleased, and invited him to visit her in her cottage on Maiden Lake.
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PostSubject: Re: AD&D - People   Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:37 pm

Myrmidon Crixous - a grizzled officer in the Free Maritime Marines, one of the Port's warrior guilds. Crixous was part of the crew that found Web'r floating on an iceberg.

Beasley, aka Beastly - a ranking member of the Bellicose Fellows, another of the Port's warrior guilds, made up of skilled, but aging dandies. Web'r's current trainer

Ben Brine - a member of the Shark League/Lads, one of the Port's newest warrior guilds, run more like a street gang. Ben is currently the prisoner of the Free Maritime Marines.

Xenophon Doge - Nameless's drunken, antisocial former master. A

Peng Fang - legendary Dragonborn magic-user who forsook technology in favor of magic based on warping living tissue. Owner of the Gardens of Peng Fang, situated on an island in the Ossuary Flow.
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AD&D - People
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