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 AD&D - Treasure for Sessions 1 & 2

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PostSubject: AD&D - Treasure for Sessions 1 & 2   Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:45 am

Session 1:

300 GP (fee paid to Pogsely and Sons by Dahlia Dash). Spent on adventuring gear, poison, Sleep spell & dog.

Session 2:

Aster Diamond (extremely valuable, exact value unknown)

Scrolls w/clerical spells (Tongues, Remove Curse). Approximate market value: 2,100 GP
Scroll w/magic-user spell (Extension I). Approximate market value: 1,200 GP.
Magic ring (unknown)

70 GP in coins from the thief-zombies and men-at-arms.

Am I forgetting anything? I didn't including the items you guys sold/traded during the session last night.

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AD&D - Treasure for Sessions 1 & 2
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